Will there be jobs in the future?

The future of work has been predicted to be about “the survival of the most adaptable”. Workers of the future will be expected to have “portfolio careers” and often negotiate several roles at the time. Furthermore, it is expected that automation will cause loss of 40% of jobs currently performed by humans. Casualisation of labour will further undermine “one job” and “job for life” narratives that we have inherited. These and other major trends impacting global work futures will be discussed at the forum.

This forum will focus on issues pertinent to work futures in the context of Brunei Darussalam. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Rise in unemployment, underemployment and labour underutilisation
  • Mismatch between available skills-sets and job requirements
  • Brain drain and the departure of FDI
  • Opportunities in emerging growth clusters of Education, Tourism, Fin-tech, Trade Agreements, Entrepreneurship, Islamic/Halal sector, and others
  • New concepts of work and employment

The future of work in Brunei is a critical policy area which needs to be examined or re-examined with a sound foresight approach. This Forum is specifically designed for policy makers, CEOs, middle to top management practitioners in all fields from the public and private sector; community leaders, educators, parents and young persons, and, anyone interested  to explore and brainstorm on the kind of work structures that would be available in the future.

(Date of forum to be confirmed)